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Social economy app, LoMoStar, launches LOCI dedicated channel

Instant messenger platform offers a valuable array of avenues for community engagement with built-in airdrops, “red envelopes”and more.


With more than 600,000 downloads and both iOS and Android availability, the fast-growing LoMoStar platform launched a LOCI dedicated channel this first weekend of November. The channel is to serve as a community hub offering the latest LOCI news and product updates as well as exclusive content and wallet support for LOCIcoin.

Founded by Xu Yang and based in Beijing, LoMoStar is a global facing project that has put great emphasis on developing international communities. The app is available in both English and Mandarin depending on a phone’s language settings. The company has quickly expanded beyond China to include branches in the Americas and Europe.

The platform incorporates their proprietary cryptocurrency wallet into their messenger service, enabling exciting possibilities for micro-payments and gifting. The LoMoStar wallet supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies of which LOCIcoin is now included.

Supporting the inventor’s pursuit of practical use cases for new technology rests at the core of LOCI’s mission. “We are struck by LoMoStar’s intense focus on creating new value for users. The ideas they bring to social monetization and mutually beneficial advertising models open up exciting possibilities for all participants,” explains Jesse Johnson, Director of Business Development at LOCI Nexus. “There is a lot of potential to build out new community incentives for inventors and users.”

About LoMoStar:

By creating a new type of barrier-free global monetary social model, LoMoStar aims to offer global assets for their users, provide brand advertisements, and help build relationships between businesses and consumers.

Visit & LoMoStar Twitter to learn more.

About LOCI:

LOCI’s web applications are disrupting the global patent system and unlocking innovation by using blockchain technology to empower aspiring inventors to search, analyze, protect, and monetize their ideas without requiring them to seek an expensive and time consuming patent. In essence, LOCI empowers inventors and promotes the effective matchmaking of ideas, capital, and talent.

Visit and LOCI Twitter to learn more.

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