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LOCI to be listed on LATOKEN next week, increasing liquidity and accessibility

LOCI is thrilled to report that LOCIcoin will be listed on yet another great new exchange next week, so please keep your eyes on our outbound communications!

LOCI will be listed on LATOKEN, a rapidly growing crypto exchange focusing on liquidity for new tokens. With an exchange that facilitates and sees over $25M in daily turnover, this is no small feat for our team and our community. We believe that this listing will provide even more liquidity and use for our coin as LATOKEN maintains more than 75,000 registered traders and offers more than 90 altcoin trading pairs.

Besides crypto trading, LATOKEN users can participate in selected Tokens Sales at pre-sale and crowdsale stages.

Create your account with LATOKEN now in preparation for LOCI’s listing next week:

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More about LOCI

LOCI’s mission is to disrupt the global patent industry, and to change the way the world invents and values ideas. LOCIcoin utility tokens are used exclusively within the LOCI suite of products for the purposes of searching, analyzing, staking and exchanging Intellectual Property.

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